activity blankety blanket good time

Blankety Blanket Good Time

Bring kids of all ages together to invent simple, snuggly games. So grab your coziest blanket-- it's time to make magic with your preschooler’s creative movement and sensory play.


Make sure to play away from furniture or other objects that preschoolers may bump into.

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  1. Soft Blanket - Large enough for your child to completely cover themselves up with. We like to use a washable, fleece blanket like this one on Amazon. Scratchy blankets aren’t comfortable for little ones. If you don't have a large blanket,  you can use a bath towel. Make sure it's large enough to cover your child’s head and body
  2. Space large enough for enthusiastic movements. We also prefer to do this activity in a carpeted area to help break any falls
  1. Skilly Spark: Blankets can be soft, cuddly, and great for naps, yes? Feel how soft this one of yours is. Besides snuggling, what are different ways we can use this blanket together? What else do you think it can be?
  2. Adults, spread the blanket down on the floor. Your child can help you do this.
  3. Show your little one how to hold one end and wrap herself as she rolls on the blanket. Even 2-year-olds can do this type of rolling movement. Talk about what your preschooler is doing, using words describing what you see your little one doing. Stay nearby in case your preschooler rolls herself too tightly and needs help getting loose.
  4. Give these other challenges a go:
    • Prowl around under your blanket.
    • Shake shake shake the blanket and talk about what kind of shapes it makes. Try moving the blanket together.
    • Lay the large blanket over a table, then crawl under it. Pretend it’s a cave, a bear’s den, or magic house for children only!
    • Older children, ages 3 years and up, can transform it into cape and become a favorite character.
    • Older children, ages 4 years and up can flex their dramatic play by playing ghost with the smaller blanket over their head or moving like trees swaying in the breeze under the blanket.
  5. Keep on playing until your little one tires themselves out or their interest wanes.                   
Keep the fun going
  • Ask your children to come up with more blankety challenges of their own.               
  • Add a melody! Choose a favorite song and sing it together as you both move under or around the blanket.
  • Add a snuggly blanket to our Copycat Challenge and see what new games you come up with!