Bunny Salad

In a hurry? Make this hoppy, healthful treat. Try this no-cook recipe and feed your preschooler’s early math learning and divergent thinking.


Be sure to wash your hands and foods thoroughly before starting. Also, putting the bunny together can be messy. So prepare your area, your preschooler and yourself. Our FAQ has easy cover-up tips if needed.

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  1. Ripe pear half - any kind, one per child. You can use fresh pears or pear halves canned in juice like this found on Amazon. We used Bosc pears this time. They’re in season and have a golden brown, bunny-esque color.
  2. Green vegetable leaves - one per child, any kind large enough to hold the pear half. We like to use all kinds of fresh greens, such as iceberg lettuce, spinach, red butter lettuce ...
  3. Whole cloves like this, or small dried fruit like raisins or craisins, your choice! Have enough for 2 eyes and 1 nose per child, or 3 per bunny.
  4. No-salt almond halves like these - Enough for 2 ears per bunny. Feel free to use fresh carrot slices for ears if you prefer.
  5. Plate - large enough to hold lettuce leaf & pear half
  6. Low-fat cottage cheese, soft goat cheese or unsweetened shredded coconut, about one teaspoon for each tail. Choose whatever ingredient you think is delicious.
  7. Optional: Toothpick or pretzel stick pieces like this example for whiskers.
  8. Optional: Fresh, shredded carrot to make a “bunny nest” on top of your greens.
  1. Skilly Spark: What do we know about bunnies? Can you show me how they move? Tell me what they look like. Take a look at what I’ve gathered for our snack today-- How do you think we can make a bunny out of this??  
  2. Lay a green leaf on your plate.
  3. Put a pear half with its flat side down and round side up on top of the lettuce leaf.
  4. Let’s start making our bunny. The pear’s narrow end will be its face. Where do you see eyes and a nose? Press in your cloves or craisins where they should be.
  5. Now add 2 almonds or carrots for ears.
  6. At the big round end, add about teaspoon cottage cheese or shredded coconut where you see a tail.
  7. If your little one wants to add whiskers, stick in pieces of toothpicks or pretzel sticks.
  8. Go ahead, enjoy your bunny salad with a spoon, fork or even roll it all up in your lettuce and and eat it with those little hands. And don’t forget to remove any hard items like cloves or toothpicks prior to nibbling away!
Keep the fun going
  • Make an everyday meal special with a bunny salad for each family member.
  • Bunny salad story time! Make bunnies with your friends. Give them names and ask them, where have they’ve been and what they do?
  • Go veg! Yummy bunnies can be made with small squash like zucchini or big squash like butternut. When you go to the market next, what other bunny shapes do you see?