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Celery Boats

Sail away with protein and veggies in these easy-to make treats! Your preschooler’s imagination, small motor skills and tummy will benefit from making this healthy snack.

MATERIALS - click to buy
  1. Celery stalks - 2 stalks, more if desired. We find celery in our local grocery.
  2. Sharp knife - to cut celery, adults only!
  3. Dull, table knife like this - to spread filling
  4. Pre-sliced, low-fat cheese -or- Fruit Roll Ups - 2 slices, more if desired. We prefer to use all-natural, sugar-free fruit leather like this found on Amazon. 
  5. Spreadable filling of your choice - such as this all-natural almond butter, pimento cheese, cream cheese, hummus ...
  6. Sharp-ended toothpicks like these, for making miniature masts to hold your sails.
  1. Let your preschooler help you wash the celery. It’s not necessary to peel the celery if it’s well washed. Plus, you’ll get more fiber if it’s not peeled.
  2. Adults, cuts the stalks into 2 to 3 inch sized pieces to make the boats.  
  3. Skilly Spark #1: Explain to your little one that you are going to use the celery pieces to make boats. Talk about what sailboats look like, how they move, where they can be found.
  4. Adults, using your dull knife, spread your filling into the middle of the celery pieces.  Some older 3 and 4-year-olds can do this for you.
  5. Skilly Spark #2: Chat about sails on boats, how they are usually in a triangle shape. Talk about what a triangle shape looks like and how many sides it has. You can also share that triangle-shaped sails are called “lateen” sails. They were first used by the ancient Greeks way back in the 2nd century, B.C.
  6. Now, cut triangle shapes out of the cheese slices or fruit roll-up pieces. Your little cook can help you with this with a dull knife.  
  7. Stick the toothpick through the cheese triangle from the bottom to the top. Let your child try do so first, lend a hand as needed.
  8. Attach the cheese on a toothpick onto the celery boat to make the sail.
  9. Repeat the process to make more celery boats as your preschooler would like.


Keep the fun going
  • Celery boats are cool treats for summer parties. Make lots of celery boats to share with friends!
  • Where else can the boats sail off to in your child’s imagination? Maybe a pretend regatta? A napkin or table can be your ocean. Which boat will win?
  • When out and about, keep an eye out for other kinds of boats. Can you make that kind of celery boat? If not, you can draw that new kind of boat.


+ Inspiration/Painting credit goes to Fitz Henry Lane, New York Yacht Club Regatta c. 1853-1857.