activity chattydo tell me all about these summer fruits

What do you think about these
summer fruits?


Wowee! Look at all these different kinds of fruit! Can you tell me the names of them? Let's take a closer look! What shapes and colors do you see? Let's smell this one you called a strawberry. How does that smell to you? Now take a bite and tell me how it tastes! Chatting all about fresh, healthy fruit at home (or when you're at the market!) is an easy way to strengthen your preschooler's ideas of shape, color, taste, and texture. It's important visual perception practice too, which is key to learning to read and write. Plus, using all of your little one's 5 senses to explore what grows in each season encourages their environmental awareness and language development, too! So have a fruity snack and get to chatting!

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+ Inspiration/thanks goes to goes to our local grocery's 2-for-1 summer sale on strawberries, raspberries and blueberries!