What kind of signs did you see?


Let's keep our eyes peeled for all kinds of signs today! Let's count them together ... 1, 2, 3! What color is that one? Yes, it's red and white, plus it has 8 sides. We found an octagon! And what letters do you see? Yes, it says,"Stop" and helps us know whose car goes next. Now, let's find signs with numbers. What numbers can you see? And what do you think those numbers are all about? How about signs with pictures and letters? Do you see that pig over there? ... Talking about signs is a simple way to support your preschooler's emergent reading. Chatting about them helps your preschooler understand that words and symbols have many important purposes, like keeping us safe or sharing information. As you go about your day, ask your little one to tell you about the signs all around you. It's easy and entertaining to work together and to learn about colors, letters, numbers!

Loved it? Give this a try:

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+ Inspiration/thanks goes to running Saturday errands on Wilmington, NC's Oleander Drive.