activity chattydo help someone today

Chatty-do! How can you help
someone today?


Can you help tidy up after lunch? When you see litter during our walk, how do you think you can you help make things look better? Or, how can you lend a hand with your little brother or sister today? Learning to be aware of other people and their needs isn't always easy for preschoolers because they are still slowly growing out of being naturally self-centered. Social learnings like this take time to develop, but they are essential for being a successful member of a group. So, if you take time each day to discuss ways your child can help improve the lives of the people that surround them, you will reinforce this positive habit. And, you'll be surprised by how helpful your little one can be!

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+ Inspiration/thanks goes to the spring grass growing in a vacant lot of Cape Town's Bo-Kaap.