What signs of winter can you find?


Let's go outside together and talk about the signs of winter we find. Tell me, how is the weather different? Can you find any leaves on the ground? What color are they? Now, let's count the trees that are still green. Have you noticed the days getting shorter? How dark is it when you go to bed? And what about our pet's fur, how does it feel? Is it thicker, heavier? What do you think? Noticing and talking about winter signs, or how life is different in this season, builds your preschooler's environmental awareness and visual acuity. These skills are fundamental to your child's future reading and math learning, so get out there in the chilly air, have some fun and chat all about it!

Loved it? Give this a try:

For more easy ways to warm up your preschooler's skills on wintery walks, check out our article, Learning Anywhere, Every Day - Walkabouts. To help your little one zoom in on all wonderful things to be seen in winter, make some Focus Scopes for you both!


+ Inspiration/thanks goes to wintery sunsets, feline fur, and backyards!