Colors In Action

Bring a rainbow to life with your child’s imagination. Explore color, foster creativity and exercise large motor skills at the same time!

  1. Imagination only  
  1. Skilly Spark: Talk with your child about all the colors they can name. Do they think that colors can move? Can they move like colors?  
  2. Ask them if they can act out some of their colors in action, for example: Can you be a ...
    • Yellow sun shining in the summer sky.
    • Blue bird flying from tree to tree.
    • Purple flower opening its petals.
    • Green bug crawling along the ground.
    • Red fire engine speeding to the rescue.
  3. After the last color experience, invite your child to tell you how the colors in these activities made them feel.
Keep the fun going
  • Challenge your child to make up their own colors to play.  
  • Join in the fun! Pretend the color experiences with your child.
  • Put it on paper - Your preschooler can draw or paint pictures about your their colors.