Copycat Challenge

I move, now you move! The whole family can share their creative flow, exercising your preschooler’s large muscles and language skills all the while.

  1. Imagination only
  1. Skilly Spark: Do you know what a copycat is? What wacky things do they do? Let’s play a copycat game together. See if you can imitate all the movements I make. There a no wrong moves, I just want to see how good of a copycat you can be!
  2. Start the fun by gathering your little ones into a group.
  3. Adults, the stage is yours now, so begin making a simple movement like waving your arms. Ham it up, have fun making this, or any easy movement you choose. Then, ask your children, “Can you copy the movement I’m making?”
  4. As your preschoolers copy what they see, give them words for what they are doing. “I see lots of arms waving.” Or, “It looks like a lot of flags waving in the breeze in here.” Use some “big” words such as, “I see you rotating around and around.” Remember, it’s important to use words as much as possible to encourage your preschooler’s language development.
  5. Try some of these other simple actions:  
    • Shake your head, arms, or feet
    • Pat your head, tummy, or nose
    • Touch the floor
    • Wiggle your fingers or nose
    • Turn in a circle
  6. Turn the tables and let your preschooler be the leader! Enjoy seeing, doing, and describing the moves she comes up with for the group to copy.
Keep the fun going
  • Make the most of your wait times. When the family is waiting for a meal, play this activity and time will go definitely go faster by having some fun.
  • Copycat twist! Play the copycat game with animal movements or your favorite music and see where it takes you.