Easy Grass Dancing Skirt

Get to swinging, swaying, swirling! Just 2 materials will move your preschooler’s creativity, small and
large motor skills.


Be sure there’s room for dancing! Move any sharp or hard objects well out of your way.

MATERIALS - click to buy
  1. Flexible measuring tape like this on Amazon or a piece of cotton string to measure your child’s waist.
  2. 2-inch wide duct tape found here - Enough to go around your child’s waist plus 3 inches. We don’t recommend masking tape for this activity. It just isn’t strong enough to stick through a good dance session.
  3. Crepe paper party streamers like these, cut or torn into strips 12 inches to 16 inches long, about 2 dozen per skirt. Your little one can help tear and count them if you choose.
  4. Optional - Colorful ribbon found here, cut into pieces at least 6 inches long per skirt
  5. Optional - Cloth strips - 12 inches to 16 inches long per skirt
  6. Optional - Your favorite music
  7. Optional - Scissors, Adults only!
  1. Skilly Spark: I know you like to dance, so let’s dance and groove a little bit together. Can you move your hips? Can you spin around? Now move tall! Now move small! Let’s make our very own skirt that’s perfect for all your dancing moves.
  2. Using your tape measure or string, measure your preschooler’s waist. Now add about 3 inches to this measurement.
  3. Measure and cut the duct tape to above amount.
  4. Place your tape sticky side up on a flat surface. Fold about 1 or 2 inches under at each end of the tape so that it sticks to and stays flat on your surface.
  5. Place the crepe paper, cloth, or ribbon strips so that your child can easily see and reach them.
  6. Ask your little one to choose a strip. Now show them how to place one end to the strip of duct tape.
  7. Now it’s their turn. Ask them to keep on sticking strips onto the tape, in whatever design and color they choose, until the whole sticky side is filled with strips!
  8. As your child stands in front of you, join the duct tape ends together with the crepe paper covered, sticky side out. Voila, you have your dancing skirt!
  9. Let’s put on our favorite music and dance the day away!
Keep the fun going
  • Count it out! Older preschoolers, 3- and 4-year-olds, can make a pattern with 2 or more materials or lengths & then count their design out loud!
  • Take your skirt outside on a windy day. See how the skirt and your child moves in the wind.
  • It’s all about layering! Create 2 or even 3 skirts and wear one over the other for even more dancing fun.
  • Add your unique skirt to your preschooler's next story-telling adventure!