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Enchanted Animal Crackers

Animal crackers come to life under the spell of your child’s imagination. This snack gets your preschooler moving using their creativity and large motor skills.


If your child is allergic, please use gluten-free animal crackers.

MATERIALS - click to buy
  1. Bag or box of animal crackers. You pick up a bag of the classic Barnum animal crackersnaturally-sweetened animal cookies like these or go for the gluten-free kind all found here on Amazon.
  2. Space to move around in
  1. Skilly-spark: Take an animal cracker out for your child to see. Ask what animal they think it is. Then, have a chat about how they think that animal would move and sound. Think about how much fun it would be to “become” that animal.  
  2. Now ask your child to pick out an animal cracker.  
  3. After eating it, your child “becomes” that animal, moving and making that animal’s sounds. Encourage any and all movements and sounds to express their animal’s nature.  
  4. After the first try, your child can choose another one and become their next animal of choice.
  5. Keep on going until your child’s interest wanes.
  6. Don’t forget to join in! Pick a cracker and act out your animals, too.
Keep the fun going
  • Draw a picture or sculpt a play dough figure of some of their favorite animal crackers.
  • Play a guessing game. Can you guess the animal your child is acting out? Can they guess which animal you've become?