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Envelope Puppets

Everyday envelopes can power preschool imagination! Pretend play and creative thinking are just minutes away with these absurdly simple puppets.

MATERIALS - click to buy
  1. White, business size envelopes, approximately 9 inches x 4 inches, like this example on Amazon.  They fit little hands perfectly.
  2. Big, washable markers and/or large-sized, preschool-friendly crayons like these. Got questions about art materials for young children? Check out our Materials guide.
  3. Scissors - For adult’s only!
  4. Optional - For more puppet details, grab your spare buttons,  yarn, felt squares,  self-adhesive wiggle eyes, colorful sequins or feathers …
  5. Optional - Fast-drying glue such as Aleenes found here 
  1. Skilly Spark: Ask your child to ponder how they can make a puppet from an envelope. Talk about what kind of puppet they want to make, a person, a story character, an animal, or even an imaginary being.  
  2. Give them an envelope and ask them to seal it. If you’re using lickable envelopes, they will take about a minute to dry.
  3. Laying the envelope down lengthwise, ask your child to draw a face on the narrow, 4-inch top. 2-year-olds could be perfectly happy with a few scribbles or just a plain envelope, and that's just fine!
  4. Next, use markers or crayons to add as many facial or other details like arms, fur, or clothing that they want.
  5. Something still missing? Glue on yarn for hair, buttons for eyes, and any other fun additions your child sees fit.
  6. After the face is finished to their satisfaction, Adults, cut off the bottom edge of the envelope, at the opposite end from its face.
  7. Simply slip it on your child’s hand and let the good times roll. Make one for yourself and join in the play!
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+Inspiration/thanks goes to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Ocean Exploration & Research's photo of polar bears taken during their study of climate change in the Arctic's Chukchi Borderlands.