Fence-iful Weaving

Give an ordinary fence a youthful make-over. Make large-scale, colorful weavings to benefit your child’s left to right eye tracking and environmental awareness.


Be sure there are no hazards or clear things such as debris, poison ivy or prickly plants near the fence where the kids will be weaving.

MATERIALS - click to buy
  1. Crepe paper, also known as streamers, like this or 3-inch wide ribbon in rolls found here on Amazon. You can find affordable crepe paper and wide ribbon in dollar stores too.
  2. Chain link fence or any fencing that has a grid pattern to hold materials in place like this example.
  3. Optional - Folding step-stool that's easy to tote around if you want to make the most of a high fence.
  1. Skilly Spark: Consider your fence and ask your child how they would decorate it. See how long and tall it is? If it was a big piece of paper, what would you draw or paint on it? The whole thing is one big canvas open for their decoration.
  2. Show your child how to put the crepe paper in and out of the fence squares, like weaving.
  3. Encourage them to weave the crepe paper in and out of the fence squares until their vision is realized.


Keep the fun going
  • For older children, ages 5 and up, weaving words like “hello” or the child’s name into the fence are other fun possibilities.
  • More fun weaving can be done either indoors or outdoors on a plastic, open-weave type laundry baskets like these.  
  • If you’re stuck indoors, try weaving your stair's banister, too.