Foodie Moves

Show me your favorite food’s groove! Transforming into treats animates your preschooler’s creative movement and divergent thinking.

  1. Imagination Only
  1. Skilly-spark: Chat with your preschooler about their favorite foods.  Challenge them to think about how these foods look, move, and feel. How can you make your body move like them? Let’s see how you can be like food!
  2. In an area large enough to move freely around in, ask your preschooler to pretend their body is:
    • A plate of cooked spaghetti, relaxed and waiting for its sauce.  
    • An ice cream cone on a hot, hot day, melting away.
    • A popcorn kernel in the pan getting ready to pop, and then popping like crazy!
    • An egg cooking on the stove. Is it scrambled, boiled, over-easy?
    • Peanut butter being spread onto sandwich bread.
    • A banana getting peeled and broken into pieces.          
  3. Let your little one come up with more delicious treats to act out.  Keep on going until their interest wanes. And don’t forget to join in the foodie fun!


Keep the fun going
  • Act out all the foods included their favorite meal-- breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • How yummy is it in your tummy? Ask your child to move in the way their favorite recipes make them feel.
  • It’s time for a nosh! Eat some of the foods you pretended to be. Have an ice cream cone or make spaghetti for dinner.  
  • Older children, ages 4 years and up, can cut out pictures from grocery store ads of the foods they’ve been or will inspire their pretend play the next time. Then, make a collage by using white glue or a glue stick like this found on Amazon to stick them onto any kind of paper you have handy.

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