Grape and Apple Turtles

One, two, three, turtle! It's easy to nourish your preschooler's math and small motor skills with this fruity, quick, creative snack!


When working with food, be sure to thoroughly wash food and little hands too. 

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  1. Small apple - A Granny Smith is a great match for green grapes, but any small apple that’s your favorite will do.
  2. Knife - Adults only! to cut apple slice and grapes
  3. 10 seedless grapes per turtle - Use what you have or choose what you like.
  4. Small plate - One per turtle
  5. Optional - Craisins or Raisins like these on - for turtle eyes
  6. Optional - A bit of nut-butter to attach turtle eyes on their grape heads. We prefer sugar-free, organic, creamy peanut butter like this  or almond butter.
  7. Optional - Butter knife
  8. Optional - Lemon slice - If you'd like to keep the white part of the apple from browning, rub each slice with a slice of lemon. Tastes great too!
  1. Skilly Spark: Let’s talk about turtles! Have you ever seen one? They have a shell that they carry on their back and that they can hide in too! It’s like carrying your house around with you. Whenever they want to, turtles can just bring their head inside and take a nap! Do you think that a turtle has legs? Can you guess how many? They have one, two, three, four! Now let’s see how we can make a turtle for a snack using these grapes and this apple. 
  2. Adults, cut the apple in thirds width-wise, with the stem on top. Remove any seeds you find. Now, cut the 10 grapes in half. You can do this prep in advance. Or, show your preschooler how two halves or three thirds make each whole!
  3. Place a round apple slice on the dish, with the white, flat-side of the slice up and the round or stem-side down.
  4. Now let’s give our turtle legs! Ask your little one to put the grape halves with the flat edges down against the sides of the apple where their legs should. 3’s and older can count each leg as they’re placed on the plate.
  5. Now, ask your child to use a grape half to make the turtle’s head and tail.
  6. Let’s give the shell a design. On the top of the apple slice, put the remaining grape halves flat side down to make the shell shine! Ask your kiddo, How many halves fit on your turtle’s shell? Do you need to turn them up or down or even sideways? Show me!
  7. If you choose, dab a bit of nut butter on raisins or craisins to add a cute turtle face. Then, let’s get to snacking!
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