activity lost mitten puppets

Lost Mitten Puppets

Don’t throw away a single mitten-- rescue it! These easy-to-make, recycled puppets will inspire the youngest puppeteer’s small-motor skills and divergent thinking.


Remember, the more materials you choose to use, the messier this activity will be. Prepare your child, your area and yourself.

MATERIALS - click to buy
  1. Old mitten or single mitten left from a pair. Any kind of fabric, like these water-proof, child-size mittens or adult-sized, wool mittens like these found on Amazon will work.
  2. Fast-drying glue like our go-to, Aleene’s Tacky Glue found here. Get more glue guidance in our Preschool Materials Guide right here.
  3. Spare buttons or glue-on googly eyes like these. Remember that self-adhesive wiggle eyes won’t stick to cloth.
  4. Optional - Creative materials for puppet-friendly details such as scrap pieces of fabric, bright felt squares like these, sequins in lots of sizes and colors, fun ribbon, zig-zag trim like this, or yarn in your color of choice found here to inspire hair, clothing …
  5. Optional - Sharp scissors for adults only, to cut materials as desired
  1. Skilly Spark: We’ve lost a few mittens this winter, haven’t we? Here’s a single one left from a pair. Why don’t make something with it so we don’t just throw it away? Look at the shape of it. Now slip it on your hand and move your thumb up, down and around. Who or what do you imagine that it could be? Let’s create a puppet so it can talk to us and tell us its story.  
  2. Take off the mitten and ask your little one to glue buttons or googly eyes to the mitten where the eyes will be.
  3. They can also choose to glue a scrap piece of felt or another button to create a nose.
  4. Does your puppet have ears or fur? Adults, if needed, cut out ears from felt. Your child can glue them on, plus yarn for hair or fur.
  5. Or, dress your new friend with scraps of fabric to make a hat, a skirt, a coat, and so on.
  6. Take a moment to let the mitten’s materials dry. Then, slip your new puppet onto your child’s hand and let it talk by moving their thumb up and down. Say what?!?
Keep the fun going
  • Where did their partner go? Make up a story about what your mitten would say and how it's feeling.
  • Puppet powwow! Make a mitten puppet for each hand and see what they will chit-chat about.
  • Ask your friends to find their stray, worn-out or outgrown mittens and have a puppet play group!