Mirror Walking

Find new angle then get to stepping! Seeing and moving in fresh ways will open up your preschooler’s hand-eye coordination, balance and creativity too!


Create or choose an area that’s free of obstacles your child may bump into. Move any sharp corners or large items well out of the way before starting.

MATERIALS - click to buy
  1. Masking tape or painter’s tape like this found on Amazon if you don't want to leave a sticky residue.
  2. Unbreakable hand mirror. We like to use a preschooler-friendly shatterproof mirror like this one in a 4 by 6 inch size, but a larger one like this 7 by 11 inch unbreakable mirror will do too.
  1. Adults, make a winding path on the floor or cement with your tape, make straight, “Z” shape or curvy lines. Press all along the tape so that your path stays in place. Your kiddo can help you get this done.
  2. Skilly Spark: What do we use a mirror for? Can you see yourself in it?  Now, let’s try turning it different ways-- What do you see? Now, let’s use our mirror in another way. How do you think we can watch ourselves move around the room? Let’s find out!
  3. Have your little one hold the mirror up in front of their face and then tilt it down so they can see their feet and the space around them in the mirror.
  4. Then, let your child have some fun practicing holding the mirror and watching their feet as they move. Try to marching, take baby steps, or even dance a bit to see their moving feet in the mirror. Neat huh?
  5. When your little one feels ready, ask them to walk carefully along the taped path, looking only into the mirror.
  6. When this is easy for your child to do, challenge them a bit more. Have them hold the mirror even higher up overhead, tilt it, and move their feet so they can see them in the mirror. Practice with a few smooth moves to get comfortable with the new angle
  7. Then, ask them to head down the taped path using the mirror this new way. If it’s too hard, no worries! Just go back to just holding the mirror the first way, perhaps trying baby-steps or marching the whole way!
Keep the fun going
  • For older 4’s, see how many of these things your wee one can do while mirror walking: Take 4 giant steps, then take 6 baby steps, tiptoe in a circle,  and finally, take 3 steps backwards. If you feel like it, make up your own patterns!
  • Take turns! Ask a friend to join in and see how many ways to mirror-meander you can come up with.
  • Add your favorite music ... How does that change your mirror walk?
  • Double the fun and give it a try yourself!