activity monster toast

Monster Toast

Make your creepiest creature, cook it, and gobble it all up! This beastie will captivate your preschooler’s hand-eye coordination and small motor skills too.


This activity uses food coloring, which can stain clothes and fingers. Cover up please! Also, be aware of any food allergies. You can substitute gluten-, nut- or dairy-free items and still make tasty monster.

MATERIALS - click to buy
  1. Any type of sliced, leavened bread like this whole wheat sandwich bread found on Amazon. Whole grain, bagels, kaiser rolls, gluten-free sliced white bread like this-- any type of risen bread that you prefer will work. Grab as many slices as your little one wants to eat. A few tips: Unleavened or flat breads like pita bread or naan will not work for this activity. White bread shows colors best. And dried-out bread works even better than fresh bread, because it absorbs the colors more easily.
  2. A toaster oven like this example, that allows you to watch things cook. You can use a slice toaster like the one found here, but you won’t be able to witness the spooky transformation.
  3. Liquid food coloring like this example - Red, blue, yellow, green, any colors you have on hand.
  4. Milk - No more than 1/4 cup per color. Use your preferred kind of milk-- organic skim or whole milk found here, coconut milk or almond milk like this all work perfectly.
  5. Clean, smallish paint brush per color - Look for  ½ inch brushes to 1 inch wide brushes like this example, depending on your child’s age. Check out our Materials page for preschool paintbrush guidance.
  6. Small containers - one for each color of food coloring. Recycled single serving yogurt cups or 9 ounce paper cups like this are a good size.
  7. Optional - Butter
  1. Skilly Spark: Take a moment to chat with your child about things called monsters. Yes, they can be scary. But today we’re going to make some yummy-in-your-tummy ones that aren’t frightening. We’re going to paint them on bread and turn them into toast! What do you think it will be like to eat these monsters up?
  2. Adults, pour a small amount of milk into each plastic container. It doesn’t take a lot of milk, just enough to dip a brush in.
  3. Add food coloring to each cup, making it as dark or light as you want. Dark colors show up best, but any colors your little artist chooses will work.
  4. Ask your child to use a clean brush to dip into the milk and paint a “monster” face on the top of the piece of white bread. Some younger 3 year olds might enjoy simply painting the bread, and that's perfectly alright. Be careful not to drench the bread. If the milk goes through to the bottom of the bread or it gets super soggy, it will take a long time to toast.
  5. After the face is finished, adults, toast the bread until it is lightly brown.
  6. Skilly Spark: Watch your spooky slice cook. Ask your preschooler, what’s happening to your ghoulie? Is there a difference between your monster and the bread? How does your creepy creature appear now that it's toast?
  7. If desired, butter your monster lightly and munch it all up until it’s gone. 


Keep the fun going
  • Add more spooky, edible details. You could use all-natural strawberry jam like this for blood, craisins like these for eyes, cheese bits for melted mouths …
  • Make unique toasted creations with any kind of design your little one wants. Make flower toast, sun toast, or rainbow toast!
  • Monsters for playgroup! Make lots of toasty beasties, invite your preschooler’s friends and have a hair-raising party.
  • Feeling inspired? Draw more monsters on pieces of construction paper like this and bring them to your monster playgroup too.