Nature Bracelets

Instant and effortless, these bangles are always in season. Walking and creating in nature will inspire your preschooler’s visual acuity and environmental awareness too!


While exploring the outdoors, watch out for objects that might be sharp to pick up and be aware of your child's allergies.

MATERIALS - click to buy
  1. Duct tape, in any color, like this found on Amazon  - about 7 inches per child.
  2. Sharp scissors - To cut tape, adults only!
  1. Skilly Spark: Have you noticed things changing outside like the weather, plants or animals? Let’s go outside and talk about some of things that you see now that are different. We’ll make it easy to bring some of the things we find outside back inside-- so we can remember our walk!
  2. Adults, cut a piece of duct tape long enough to go around your child’s wrist, yet loose enough to remove. We find that if you fit the tape to your child’s fist, it will easily slide on and off.
  3. Now, attach the tape backwards around your child’s wrist, so the sticky side is on the outside.
  4. It's time to get outside and discover! As you meander, have your little one collect natural objects to stick to the bracelet. Take a moment to talk about the objects they’ve chosen and why.
  5. Keep on walking and exploring until their bracelet is filled with treasures or interest wanes.
Keep the fun going
  • Stuck inside or is something missing? Add more colorful details -or- make a bracelet completely out of sequins like these, craft gems, paper scraps or anything else that strikes your little artist’s fancy!
  • Make memories of your playgroup hike! When you're done, share all the amazing things and ways each child created their bracelet.
  • Recycle-a-bracelet with items like bottle caps, styrofoam popcorn, bubble wrap, pictures from old magazines …
  • Sort it out! Older 3- and 4-year-olds can point out which items are green or brown, living or not living. What other ways can your creation be classified?

+ Thanks for the inspiration goes to Claire's springy garden.