Neverending Story Book Game

Read then reinvent well-loved story books together! Dreaming up original stories is a fun way to turn up your child’s inventiveness and growing language skills.

We don't recommend this as bedtime-reading activity, because this will get your preschooler's mind and creative juices flowing!
  1. A favorite children’s story book. If you need ideas, check out our Skilly-do Book Reviews, like Motor Miles or Leave Me Alone for choices.
  1. Skilly Spark: Let’s read this story together. Let's be sure to listen carefully to the story and try to remember what happens. Maybe there are things you would like to change? Or maybe there are things that were really funny to you? Or maybe even scary? Now, let’s read our book and think about the story it tells.
  2. Read your story book to your little one. Be sure to take time to show your preschooler the pictures on each page and to chat about what’s being read.
  3. When you’re finished reading the story, it’s time to tell a new version of the story together!
  4. Here’s an easy example: Get started with a simple beginning using characters from the story you’ve just read like, “There was once was a cat with a fiddle, and then the cow jumped over the _________."
  5. Ask your little one to say what happens next, letting them add the next line in the story. Your child might say, “The cow jumped over a rainbow! And she found another brown cow waiting for her!"
  6. Now, it’s your turn. Continue your original story with the next line. For example, you might say “And the cow said, Hello! My name is Juanita and I’m here to help you _________.”
  7. Ask your little one to continue the story by telling you what happens next.
  8. Continue making up the story, going back and forth, until you reach the end of your story together.
  9. Read another story and start the game again!
Keep the fun going
  • Act it out! As you tell your story, both you and your child can perform each line as you make it up.
  • Challenge each other to use rhymes wherever you can in your original story.
  • Invite friends! Bring along your puppet- or play-group friends to play a Neverending Story Book Game with you!

Thanks for the inspiration/illustration credit goes to: The Neverending Story, a fantasy novel by German writer Michael Ende, published in 1979. The Cat and the Fiddle, Mother Hubbard and her Dog, Donkey (page 74) illustrations, The Book of Cats and Dogs, and Other Friends, for Little Folks, James Johonnot & anonymous engraver, 1884. “Nursery Rhymes” Wallpaper designed by Walter Crane, 1876. Moon illustration, Astronomy for Amateurs, by Camille Flammarion and Frances A. Welby, 1904.“The plate ran away with the spoon” illustration, The complete collection of pictures & songs by Randolph Caldecott, 1887. "Sun Dogs" illustration from the Nuremberg Chronicle, by Hartmann Schedel, 1493.