A Play In Five Senses

Act out taste, smell, touch, sound and vision with these imaginative scenarios. Explore your preschooler’s internal world with their endless energy, creativity, and dramatic play.

  1. Imagination only
  1. Skilly Spark: Have you ever heard about the five senses that we have?  Can you name one? We use our sense of smell when we smell a flower. We use our sense of taste when we eat something yummy or yucky. We use our sense of touch when we feel a pet’s soft, furry coat. So when do we use our sense of sound or hearing? What sense do we use when we see a beautiful sunset? Now let’s have some fun acting out our senses.
  2. Adults, start by asking your preschooler to act out the sense of taste with these ideas: Nibble a pickle. Drink something sour. Taste a bowl of very hot soup.
  3. Next, have your little one show you the sense of touch with these ideas: Pick up and hold a baby chick. Touch a hot iron. Feel an ice cube run down your back.
  4. Then, act out the sense of hearing with these challenges: Hear a mosquito buzzing around when you are trying to sleep. Listen to someone next to you chew on a very crunchy snack. Notice your parent’s footsteps getting closer while you’re sneaking into the cookie jar.
  5. For the sense of sight, have your preschooler act out these ideas: Find your cat with new baby kittens. Look in a bakery window that is full of delicious things to eat. See your younger sibling break your favorite toy.
  6. Finally, try these ideas for the sense of smell. Smell a dead fish as you walk along the shore on a hot day. Smell a cake coming out of the oven. Take a deep breath of a bouquet of roses.
Keep the fun going
  • It’s your turn! What other ideas can you or your little one come up with to act out for each sense?
  • Draw what you feel. Create a picture about their favorite sense. If you need tips for preschool-friendly drawing materials, check out our Preschool Materials Guide.
  • Have some group drama! Act out all 5 senses with your friends or during your next play group.

+ Thanks for the inspiration goes to Los Penasquitos Canyon, Coronado Beach, Anza Borrego Desert in San Diego, Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan , and the Upper West Side in New York City.