Repeat-a-beat Game

Stomp, slap and sing to your own special beat. This easy, musical game grows listening, math and small motor skills with your preschooler’s unique rhythm.

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  1. Imagination only!
  1. Skilly Spark: Let’s put on our listening ears. What do you think putting on these special ears does for us? Now that you have them on, you can really be a good listener for this game. Do you think you can repeat what sound I make? Let’s see!
  2. Adults, get the fun started by making a sound and repeat it a number of times. For example, tap the floor a few times, or slap your leg a few times, or repeat a simple syllable, like “dum, dum, dum” or “doo, doo, doo.” Don’t hold back, anything goes!
  3. Then, challenge your little one to repeat the sound you have just made.
  4. For 3-year-olds and older, you can up the challenge: Before making the sound again, ask your preschooler to listen carefully and count how many times they hear the sound. Remember, most 2-year-olds can imitate but it's a bit early to count.
  5. Now repeat the sound and have your preschooler count it.
  6. Change your sound and use a new pattern, such as two slaps on your leg, and then one on the floor.
  7. Switch things up and have your little one make the sounds first. Then, it’s your turn to repeat and count them.
  8. Continue making repetitive sounds, new patterns and counting until your preschooler’s interest wanes.
Keep the fun going
  • Repeat-a-beat playgroup! Let each preschooler in your group take turns making a sound while the others count and repeat the patterns.
  • Play or sing a favorite song, then add your own sounds to accompany it. Need inspiration? Check out hip hop legend, JDilla's "Donuts" album right here on YouTube.
  • Loud or soft? Fast or slow? Ask your child to describe how the noises you make, like tapping your toes or slapping your leg, sound.