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Shadowy Fun

Capture your shadow friends and tell their stories! These big, outdoor drawings reveal your preschooler’s change perception and science learning too.

MATERIALS - click to buy
  1. Large, sidewalk chalk. You can find colorful sidewalk chalk here on Amazon or at your local dollar and big-box stores.
  1. Skilly-spark: On a sunny day, have a quick chat about shadows and how they are made by the sun. Go outside and notice the shadows of the things around you-- cars, a dog or a cat, a bird flying from tree to tree. Talk about how they look. Notice how when these things move, their shadows move and change, too.
  2. Now, observe your own shadows. Move your arms or legs and see how the shadows look different. Then try jumping and notice how that changes things.
  3. Next, ask your child to stand still and with big sidewalk chalk, outline their shadow. Your preschooler may want to outline yours, too. Then, come back a few hours later in the day to check on your shadows and outlines. In what ways are they the same or different? If it strikes your fancy, outline your child's shadow again to capture just how different they really have become.


Keep the fun going
  • For older children, 4-year-olds and older, give some shadowy math a try. Measure the lengths of your shadows using pieces of yarn, string or with a tape measure. Write down the measurement(s).  Then repeat the measurement of your shadows at another time in the day. Write that measurement down. Discuss about the differences in measurement and perhaps how they are caused by the position or angle of the sun's rays.
  • Stuck Inside?  Turn off the lights, pull the curtains and use a flashlight against a wall to make indoor Shadowy Fun.
  • Capture the shadows of other objects, too, like a tree, a mailbox, or anything else that casts a shadow.
  • Draw your shadowy friends, do they have a story to tell? 

+ Inspiration/thanks goes to Mary, Skilly-do Co-founder for being our shadow maker & model