activity what was the smallest thing you've seen

What was the smallest thing you saw today?


What's the tee-tiniest thing you've found today? Was it an itsy-bitsy spider, a single grain of of sand, or maybe a mini snowflake? Carefully looking to see very small things in their environment helps develop your child's visual acuity. And talking about them with a variety of fun words grows their language skills too! Ask your preschooler-- we bet you’ll be surprised by what they see and what they say.

Loved it? Give this a try:

Spiders are wee things-- so go ahead and make some with our Spider Crackers activity! Or read about how crafty a minuscule insect can be in our Skilly-do Book Review -Inch by Inch. Speaking of small things, our blog Attention Span, It’s Short and Not Always Sweet will help you understand your little one's growing mind.

+ Inspiration/Thanks goes to the flowers that thrive California's Anza Borrego desert.