Makeover your lonely, old socks into simple, stuffed toys. Have a blast sharpening divergent thinking and recycling the ordinary for dramatic play.

MATERIALS - click to buy
  1. Fast-drying, tacky glue like Aleenes or Elmer's White Glue found here on Amazon. Remember, glue sticks do not work well on cloth. Head on over to our Materials guide if you need a few more glue recommendations.
  2. Old socks, the larger the better. This is perfect for who socks have lost their mates in that great dryer in the sky. Dollar stores are a great source for inexpensive big socks too. You can also find a 6-pack of men's socks here online.
  3. Stuffing of your choice, such as hypoallergenic pillow filling found here, crumpled newspaper or tissue paper
  4. Your choice of yarn, string, or pipe cleaners like these - long enough to tie your sock(s) closed
  5. Cloth pieces or scraps. We find that pre-cut craft felt squares like this example work well here.
  6. Optional - Assorted sequins, a bag of beads, buttons ... whatever interesting things you have lying around will do.
  7. Optional - Large, plastic sewing needle like this example
  8. Optional - Sharp scissors to cut cloth, adults only! 
  9. Optional - Large, child-safe, washable markers found here
  1. Skilly Spark: Ask your preschooler to think about what kind of creature or person they’d like to make. What details would you add to make the sock into that? Remember that younger children, 3 years and under, will likely make simpler toys. Older children, ages 4 and up, will make more complex toys.
  2. Couldn’t be simpler, let your child have fun stuffing their sock with their stuffing materials.
  3. Then, help them tie their sock closed with a piece of yarn or string. They can also create a head, body, tail … by tying pieces near the top, middle or bottom of the sock.
  4. Younger children can glue on designs using fabric scraps. If they don’t want to use glue or fabric, they can draw directly onto a lighter-colored sock with colored markers.
  5. Older preschoolers, usually ages 5 and up, can use a plastic needle and yarn to sew felt or fabric scraps onto their soft toy.
  6. If your child has used glue to make their Sock-a-toy, please allow an hour or two before serious playtime.
Keep the fun going
  • Introduce your child's DIY creature into pretend play with their other stuffed animals and toys.
  • Share the sock-love as one-of-a-kind gifts!