Splashy Splotch Painting preschool activity

Splashy Splotch Painting

Spill and thrill with paint-- no brushes needed! Experimenting with color and movement will stir up your preschooler’s change perception and small motor skills.


This is a messy activity, so prepare your preschooler, yourself, and your area For easy cover-up tips, check out our FAQ here.

MATERIALS - click to buy
  1. Liquid tempera paint from a jar or tubes like these found on Amazon - about 1 teaspoon. Any color will do, as long as it will show on the paper you choose to use.
  2. Small container per paint color. Recycled, individual yogurt cups work well or small storage containers like these with lids to save any leftover paint for tomorrow's splotch painting.
  3. A few sheets of construction or printer paper like this, light enough so that your paint color will show. We like to use white construction paper found here.
  4. Water - We use about 1 part paint to 3 parts water. Add 1 teaspoon at a time until it’s thin enough to easily pour.
  5. Teaspoon size spoon, like these everyday, metal soup spoons found here
  1. Skilly Spark: Let’s think about when it rains outside. How does the rain look on the windows? How does the rainwater move? Have you seen rain in puddles on the ground? Let’s discover how we can use paint to make some of our own rainy drips, streaks and splotches.
  2. Put about 1 teaspoon of paint in a small container. Then, gradually add water, a spoonful at time until you feel it’s the right consistency to pour. Mix well to remove any clumps. Older children, ages 3 years and up can help with this.
  3. Give your little artist a piece of paper.
  4. Now, let your preschooler dip their spoon into the paint and get a spoonful. Then “spill” some paint onto the paper. Watch as the puddle of paint forms an organic or free-form shape-- is it a splotch or a streak?
  5. Show your little one how to tilt the paper in different directions to spread their splotch if they like.
  6. Still intrigued? Go ahead and make another painting!
  7. Allow the organic shapes to dry while you have fun cleaning up together.
Keep the fun going
  • Two at a time! Spill 2 colors, like red and yellow, and watch what happens when they mix.
  • After the painting dries, your child can use their imagination to turn the shape into a picture or a design with drawing materials like these preschool friendly, washable markers or big crayons found here.
  • Add some color to your daily meal-- use your child’s paintings as placemats.
  • How about some sparkly splotches? Mix in fine glitter like this into your paint before “spilling” it.