Water Works

Challenge your little squirt’s ingenuity and silliness with spurting water. Solving these simple, open-ended problems stretches your preschooler’s divergent thinking plus their early math and science skills.

You and your child will probably get a bit wet, so wear old clothes.
MATERIALS - click to buy
  1. Water
  2. Plastic squeeze bottle - one per child. We prefer to use the squeeze bottles used for condiments like ketchup, 12 ounces in size found right here on Amazon. You can also recycle your empty ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise containers. If you do, be sure to wash them very thoroughly!
  3. A variety of small metal or plastic plates, or bowls and lids like these. Use several different sizes to explore concepts of volume and size.
  1. Skilly Spark: Chat about how much fun water can be, in the bath, in a swimming pool, on a water slide. Today let’s have fun with water in some new and different ways.
  2. Fill the squeeze bottle to the top with water and secure the lid on it.
  3. Now start by challenging your child with one or more of the following:
    • Can you make the water in your squeeze bottle shoot out like water from a hose?
    • How far can you make the water spray?
    • Can you catch just one drop of water on the plate?  
    • How many drops of water you can fit on this lid? Let’s count them out loud together.
    • Can we think of some words to talk about what we do with water or that tell what water can do? Sprinkle, pour, drip, drop, trickle, drizzle, shower, splash, stir, ripple ...
    • Can you draw on the pavement with your water?
  4. Drip and drop until your little one's interest wanes.
Keep the fun going
  • If you’re in for getting really wet, start a squirting water fight!
  • Let your preschooler be in charge of watering the flowers and plants in your garden with their squeeze bottle. Ask them, what other ways can they help with water around the house?