What is the Opposite Game

Explore the flip-side with words and movement. This simple language activity magnifies your preschooler’s flexible thinking and listening skills too!

  1. Imagination only!
  1. Skilly Spark: Do you remember what opposites are? Right, they are things that are completely different from each other. Opposite words are like big and little. Little is totally different than big, isn’t it? Let’s play a game together with opposite words. I’ll be the leader and ask you to do something, and all you have have to do is its opposite.
  2. Adults, start the fun by practicing a bit first. It’s best to keep your directions simple. For example say, “Touch your toes.” Now, ask your your child to do the opposite, like touching their head or reaching as far as they can to the sky.
  3. Once your little one gets the idea, continue with more opposite challenges, such as:
    • Sit down.
    • Walk fast.
    • Make a sad face.
    • Close your eyes.
    • Make yourself very big.
  4. Keep the game going until interest wanes.
Keep the fun going
  • Have several children in your group? Let them take turns being the leader!
  • Add music and rhythm! For example, you can dance slow to fast music, then dance fast to slow music. What else can you do with a melody?
  • Draw your contrasts-- Grab some preschool-friendly markers, paper or big chalk like this to depict night and day, wet or dry, big or small ...