Float like a butterfly, eat like a caterpillar! Living a butterfly’s life combines your preschooler’s science learning and creative movement skills.

  1. Imagination Only
  1. Skilly-spark: Talk with your preschooler about caterpillars and how they become butterflies. Chat about how caterpillars walk, move, eat, eat and eat!  Then explain that they go into a sleeping place called a chrysalis to grow into a butterfly. Discuss how differently butterflies look, move, and eat.  You can read even more about a butterflies and their lifecycle here at the Louiville Zoo’s butterfly website.
  2. Now let’s see how you can explore the life cycle of a butterfly. Challenge your child to:
    • Crawl like a caterpillar.
    • Eat grass like a caterpillar.
    • Hang like a caterpillar from a branch or a twig.
  3. Now it’s time for the butterfly to come out. Challenge your preschooler to:
    • Be a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.
    • Be a butterfly drying its wings.
    • Fly like a butterfly.
    • Land, move around, and sip from a flower just like a butterfly does.
  4. Join your preschooler and crawl and flit together!


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