Awesome Energy - 5 Reasons Why Preschoolers Have So Much Energy

14 March 2018

5 reasons why preschoolers have so much energy

A recent study reported that toddlers’ constant running equals an entire marathon everyday. This probably isn’t surprising news to you if you are around a toddler everyday. While constant energy is characteristic of preschoolers, you may wonder why. So, while you are catching your breath after your latest crazy day with your little one, consider these 5 reasons for all of your youngster’s vitality.

  1. Racing around is fun. The reason preschoolers love to race around is simple: It feels good. Can you remember what it’s like to acquire a new skill? Just think if your world were just starting to open up. Plus, you can now get around all on your own with no help from Mom or Dad? Would you pass up an opportunity to check out whatever catches your eye? No way! To preschoolers, it’s natural and logical to race around and see everything possible. Need to corral some of that energy? Try one of our Moving activities.
  2. Curiosity rules and life is full of surprises. Curiosity is the engine that drives your preschooler. Big, small … all things have just got to be understood. Life is so full of these surprising things that little ones rush around finding out a much as possible. What we adults take for granted, like a butterfly or or thunder, is unexpected for a preschooler because it’s all brand new. So, what might seem like misbehavior, like crawling on top of or under your car, is simply their inquisitiveness in action. Preschoolers don’t embrace all the limits that we adults do, so they let the spirit of curiosity lead them. And because preschoolers are agile and quick, they can get to where they want to go. Our Experience Nature activity collection is full of activities that are perfect for your little one’s boundless curiosity.
  3. Living in the Present. Preschoolers innately have a skill that many adults aspire to: They live in the moment. They are not concerned about yesterday or tomorrow. And because their minds are truly in the present moment, they experience much less anxiety, worry, and regret than adults. When the mind vacillates between the past and future, it makes you feel tired and stressed. Because your preschooler’s brain yet hasn’t developed the ability to grasp their actions affect on their future, their energy isn’t eaten up by worrying. This results in lots more vitality and vigor. Check out our article, Those Remarkable, Terrible Two’s for more insight and tips about a two-year-old's unique approach to life.
  4. Deep Breathing. If you ever watched the breathing pattern of your preschooler when they are sleeping, you will see that the chest rises and falls without any inhibition. When a child breathes in, their whole body moves; their shoulders, their abdomen, all move freely. Preschoolers use their entire lung capacity, where most adults don’t. Because their breathing is so full and complete, oxygen reaches all parts of the body that it needs, providing them with lots of efficient energy. And because they breathe more easily, they also release stress and tension as they need to. And with less stress in their system, they have again more energy than we adults do.
  5. Free Emotional Expression. If the need to express an emotion comes bubbling up, as you probably know, preschoolers will communicate it freely. This free emotional expression allows any psychological tension to be a physically released with an action such as laughing or crying. In contrast, if emotional tension is held inside, it’s a drain on the body’s energy. Releasing their emotions in this way is a child’s way of naturally releasing stressors from their system. And without that tension, energy runs more freely through your child’s body. For more ideas on how to deal with this energy, check out our article, Learning Anywhere Every Day - Self Control.


Understanding some of the sources for your preschooler’s boundless energy may not boost your energy. But I do hope this article helps you better understand and appreciate the unique point in life your preschooler is in now.

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