Learning Anywhere, Every Day

Part 5 of 12 - Fun Fitness

24 May 2017

learning any where everyday part 5 fun fitness

For many reasons, young children today are less physically active than youngsters of earlier decades. Maybe it’s technology, maybe it’s the hectic pace of family life that took hold after the 1980’s ... Whatever the reason why, studies show it’s more important than ever to be aware of your preschooler’s need to have lots of opportunities to move their bodies during indoor and outdoor play. Large motor skills like jumping, kicking, catching, and throwing are skills young children will use for a lifetime of physical activities, including sports.

Here are some suggestions for increasing your child’s physical activity:

  • Be a role model. Young children learn from adults around them. Show your child you care about fitness by doing some of these easy, physical ideas together. You can get started with our one of our Skilly-do Moving activities, like Colors in Action and Jet Planes for more physical action fun with your preschooler.
  • Make plans for a walk.  Find a time in the day or during the weekend to walk together.  Try running, galloping, and skipping as you take your walk. For more easy ideas, check out Part 2 of our Learning Anywhere, Every Day series, Walkabouts.
  • Have family disco moving and grooving to music! Let each family member choose a song. Take turns making up and trying out different dance movements. You could even take photos of your favorite moves to enjoy and recreate again later.
  • Enjoy the outdoors together. Watch how children use their whole bodies as they explore the outdoors. Get involved in collecting leaves, acorns, and rocks. Then use them in  imaginative play or in one of our Skilly-do activities, like Nature’s Sculptures.
  • Explore new places together. Seek out a new place to bike or hike.  It can be near your neighborhood or a totally different place to explore. You may need to get there by car or bus, but it’s worth the effort for your preschooler to experience something new and different than what you see in your usual walks.

You can learn even more about age-appropriate, large motor skill play in our Child Development Guide. Did you try any of the suggestions?  Tell us how it went right here. We love hearing from you!

In case you missed it, you can check out the beginning of our Learning Anywhere, Every Day series here. Up next in Part 6, look forward to spending some time with your young scientist.

+ Thanks/Inspiration goes to the lindy hoppers of the 1940's.