Learning Anywhere, Every Day

Part 10 of 12 - Waiting Games

9 August 2017

learning any where everyday part 10 waiting time games

Waiting can be hard for both children and adults. What can you do to keep your preschooler occupied while you hope for your food to arrive in a restaurant, expect your train to come, or stand in a long line at the grocery? You can turn wait times into fun times! Here are 4 easy-- and prop-free-- games that will help make the time pass more pleasantly. Plus, they build your preschooler’s observation and language skills:  


  1. I Spy - Focusing on and describing objects - The first player looks around and chooses an object that all players can see and then provides one clue: “I spy with my little eye something that is green … or round ... or striped.” The other players take turns guessing the object. The player who guesses correctly starts the next round. Later, you can make Focus Scopes to do more spying outside.
  2. Would You Rather? - Making decisions - One player starts by asking a simple “Would you rather ….” question, such as “Would you rather play tag or hide and seek?”... eat an apple or a pear?” ... take a bath or a shower?” or have a picnic with an anteater or a raccoon?” Ask why and add explanations for your choices to keep the conversation and thinking going!
  3. I’m Thinking of an Animal - Solving problems and describing objects  - One person thinks of an animal and gives clues so others can guess what it is. Remember, the best clues help narrow the search but still allow for multiple possibilities. “I’m thinking of an animal that is black and white” works better than “an animal with legs.” The second option is typical of young children’s first clues. You can help improve their clues by playing along and asking questions to help narrow the possibilities. If no one guesses correctly, give additional clues until someone does. When you arrive at home, you make one of the animals from your game with our Skilly-do activity, Sock-a-toy.
  4. The Rainbow Game - Recognizing colors, shapes, numbers, letters - One person chooses a color, and the others find something that is that color.  When everyone spots something of the first color, another player chooses a new color.  Keep playing until you run out of colors. Try playing with shapes, numbers, or letters. On another day, you can have more fun with shapes with our Learning Anywhere, Every Day - Life Is Shaping Up blog.


For more entertaining ideas on how to keep your preschooler’s mental skills growing, check out our Chatty-do activities which focus on your preschooler’s growing observation and language skills. Also, you will more fascinating information about your preschooler’s brain development in my blog, Prime Times for Brain Development. We are anxious to know how these games helped during those waiting times, so let us know!


Up next in Part 11 of our 12 part Learning Anywhere, Every Day series, it’s time to practice patience and self-control. And in case you missed it, here's where our series began.




Inspiration/Photo credit goes to rhythmuswege's Frankfurt International Airport arrival sign.