Learning Anywhere, Every Day

Part 2 of 12 - Walkabouts

5 April 2017

learning any where everyday part 2 walks

Marching to the car, skipping to the store, hiking to the bus stop … all these routine walks taken throughout the day can be a rich source of learning for your preschooler.  Start thinking of them in this way and you will be helping grow your pre-k’s language development as well as increasing overall awareness of the world around them.

Plus, it’s really easy to get into this good and educational habit. Walks, no matter where, long or short-- around the block, in a park, to preschool-- provide wonderful opportunities to experience your young child’s natural world. Even in the shortest stroll, you can see many things to discuss with your preschooler. For example:

  • Take time on these walks to notice and talk about shadows you see. Notice how your shadows “walk” along with you and their size compared to yours. What shapes are created by buildings, signs, cars, trees … ?
  • Chat about the weather using all kinds of new words. Increase their vocabulary while you wander with new words like warm, humid, clammy, frigid. Young children, your very own little sponges, will pick up these new words exceptionally quickly.
  • Point out trees, birds, insects and animals you see along the way. Have the birds returned for the spring? How many and kinds of birds do you see? What are the differences between their songs, size, and the way their wings move?
  • Take time to really see the sky and chat about all its colors. What do the clouds remind you of? What sounds do you hear in the sky? Where are they coming from? Who or what is making them? Chances for listening, counting and observations abound!
  • Spice it up-- Name and then try different kinds of movement as you go from point A to B. How about a bunny hop? Or moving sideways or even backwards? It’s easy and fun to provide your child’s vocabulary and large motor skills diversity as you move about your day.

The point of all this is take and make time to speak with your child. It’s so much more delightful and beneficial for you both than just rushing from point to point.  

Check out our Focus Scopes activity. Make them with your child and then take them with you on your next walk. Does your child notice more things using them?  What did you notice as different in your walks with them?

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