New on Skilly-do Social - Teaching Artists

26 October 2017

skillydo social series teaching artists

As Skilly-do grows, we want to be sure to thank the creative educators supporting the growth of our precious preschoolers everyday! So, beginning in October, we’re starting a monthly social series highlighting these heroes.

Why do we celebrate creative early educators? Because we know they’re essential to children’s-- and our world’s-- future achievements! We’re grateful for their supporting preschooler’s creative, social and critical thinking skills during a time that makes the biggest impact on their lives. By sharing their work and accomplishments, our goal is for more people to celebrate and connect with them too!

So, be sure follow us here and on Instagram to learn about an outstanding educator who is actively working to grow the world’s creativity with child’s play.

Do you know an amazing creative educator that works with children ages 2 through 4 years in your community? Well, please do send your recommendations to us:

+ Inspiration/photo credit goes to the American artist and philosopher, Adrian Piper, pictured here during her 1984 performance, Funk Lessons, at Otis College's Women’s Building. Learn more about the brilliant Dr. Piper right here on Wikipedia.