How did the sky look today?

Look up! See what’s happening in the sky and talk with your child about its color, the clouds, and anything else that is passing through it. Observing the wild blue yonder together is also a chance to embrace your preschooler’s …

Everything Music

Venture outside and tune in to the symphony of your child’s world. Careful listening in the open-air helps develop a preschooler’s environmental awareness, social and audio perception skills. Ages 2 years & older.

Focus Scopes

Zoom in on your child’s world. Recycled-roll telescopes encourage close investigation while sharpening environmental awareness and visual acuity. Ages 3 years & older.

Pinecone Bird Feeder

This lunch is for the birds! Create a natural attraction to sharpen your child’s environmental awareness and science learning. Ages 2 years and older.

Rock Critters

This rock hunt leads to your own kooky treasures. Dreaming up pebbly pets with your preschooler reveals their divergent thinking and small motor skills too. Ages 2 years & older.

Nature’s Sculptures

Sculpt with the natural world. Stimulate environmental awareness and small motor skills by gathering and building with unique natural objects. Ages 3 years & older