Skilly-do Book Review – Tugboat

Your preschooler will definitely enjoy seeing and learning about how little tugboats accomplish so many big jobs in “Tugboat,” by Michael Garland. Find how this little one helps get important things done that the huge boats, like ocean liners and cargo ships, couldn’t do without.

Learning Anywhere, Every Day – Fun Fitness

Young children today are at risk of becoming less physically fit than any other time in history. Set an early example– try some of our fun, fitness ideas to keep you and your preschooler moving together.

Talking with Young Children About Their Creations

When your preschool child shows you his latest drawing, do you find yourself trying to figure out what exactly it’s “supposed to be?” Well, you’re not alone. Here are easy tips about how to discuss and encourage your preschoolers art.

Child’s Play Is Major Work

Play is the essential “work” of children. The key thing to remember is that play is the mechanism by which children learn– how they experience their world, practice new skills, and internalize new ideas.

Yes, You Are Creative

Support your child’s and your own unique creativity! Today I share how to put aside your fears that you might not really be a creative person, and let your child’s natural creativity happen.