Wheelie Painting

Make colorful tracks with toy cars. Rev up your preschooler’s divergent thinking and small motor skills with these easy prints. Ages 2 years and older.

Tissue Paper Tie Dye

Grab all your colors & go with the flow! It only takes a bit of water and tissue paper to tune in on your child’s science learning & more. 2 years & up.

Moving Marble Prints

Rock, roll & print with marbles! This unconventional way of painting energizes hand-eye coordination and divergent thinking. Ages 4 years & up.

Circling Around

Your child’s perspective can transform simple circles into unlimited possibilities. Designing unique patterns with one shape focuses a preschooler’s hand-eye coordination skills and creativity too. Ages 3 years and older.

Apple Prints

Make extraordinary prints with ordinary apples. Designing with straightforward slices shapes your preschooler’s math learning and visual acuity. Ages 2 years and older.

Wild and Weedy Prints

Go au natural! Making delicate designs with unsung weeds will fortify your preschooler’s environmental awareness & hand-eye coordination too. Ages 4 years & older.

Hands and Feet Prints

Catch your kid’s creative movement with fingers and toes. These oversize prints give large motor skills and hand-eye coordination oomph! Ages 2 years & older.

Automatic String Painting

Pull off an original painting every time with string! Stretching yarn and color will get your preschooler’s hand-eye coordination and creativity moving. Ages 3 years and older.

Paint and Chalk Mirror Prints

Reflect your child’s imagination with this easy, three-for-one activity. Drawing, painting and printing their own kaleidoscope makes your preschooler’s change perception and science learning shine. Ages 3 years and older.

Sponge Painting

Shapes, sponges, color, repeat! Making these geometric prints expresses your growing preschooler’s small motor skills, creativity and hand-eye coordination. Ages 2 years and older.