Spongy Walkers

Springy sensations turn walking into pretend play. These everyday items inspire creative movement and exercise large motor skills!Ages 2 years & up

Paper Bag Trees

Paper bags come full circle as imaginary trees. Your child’s fresh take on an ordinary item cultivates their divergent thinking and environmental awareness. Ages 4 years & older.

Readymade Styrofoam Sculpture

Beguiling, bendy sculptures await in your polystyrene packing! Constructing wily shapes with everyday bits and bobs gives your child’s divergent thinking and environmental awareness a fresh look. Ages 3 years & up.

Spray Prints

Get your kicks spray painting cut-up shapes into surprising designs. These graphic prints encourage your child’s early reading skills too! Ages 2 years & older

Markers Run Free

Liberate markers from the straight and narrow with wet paper. Watch lines and colors flow while boosting divergent thinking and change perception. Ages 2 years & older.

Spiral Sandwiches

Give that same old pb&j a twist! This sandwich-making entertains while applying hand-eye coordination and creativity, too. Ages 2 years & older

Fence-iful Weaving

Give that fence a youthful make-over! These big, colorful weavings benefit preschool early literacy & environmental awareness. Ages 2 years & up