Learning Anywhere, Every Day – Math Adventures

Your young one is a natural-born math adventurer, exploring fundamental concepts in playful ways. Here are 5 easy ideas to help sharpen your preschooler’s math skills for a solid foundation in primary school.

What triangles can you see today?

Chatty-do! Let’s have a triangle hunt! Tracking down and talking about triangles with your preschooler grows your child’s visual acuity and left-to-right eye tracking skills, which are key to …

Super Simple Play Dough

Soft, squishy and ready for play in five minutes or less! Kneading play dough exercises science learning, small and large motor skills with tactile fun. Ages 2 years & up

How many green things can you find today?

Chatty-do! Get out in the world and go for the green! Look for great big green things, tiny little green things, and find some moving green things, too. Conversing about the colors that your preschooler finds sharpens their …

Sponge Painting

Shapes, sponges, color, repeat! Making these geometric prints expresses your growing preschooler’s small motor skills, creativity and hand-eye coordination. Ages 2 years and older.