Envelope Puppets

Everyday envelopes can power preschool imagination! Pretend play and creative thinking are just minutes away with these absurdly simple puppets. Ages 2 years & up.

Bugg Boxes

Insects are about to hatch from your egg cartons! Fashioning this DIY toy builds small motor skills and hand-eye coordination too. Ages 3 years and older. Ages 3 years and older.

Bloomin’ Carton Gardens

Flower power for fun! Preschool ingenuity and hand-eye coordination grow in this recycled garden. Ages 3 years & up.

Mad Hatters

Take paper plates through the looking glass to find silly and fantastic hats of all kinds. Your preschooler will discover adventurous uses for everyday items while honing their small motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Ages 3 years and older.

Paper Lillypads

Floaty, funky flowers are waiting to spring from your kitchen cupboards. Dreaming up upcycled blossoms is perfect practice for small motor skills and creativity. Ages 2 years and older.

Tubie Creatures

Your child’s imagination makes recycled paper rolls into inspired creatures. Creating human or animal forms combines divergent thinking and small motor skills. Ages 3 years & older

Crayon Hokus-Pokus

Watch your preschooler’s drawings reappear! Surprise with a drawing and painting technique that grows small motor skills, hand-eye coordination plus creativity. Ages 3 years & older.

Mixed-media Batik

Crush it, drown it, paint it over, it only gets better! This drawing and beyond technique makes change perception delightful. Ages 4 years & older.