Wee Boxy Friends

Give your bitty boxes some personality! These DIY toys make recycling and preschool small motor skills practice a good time. Ages 3 years & up.

What can you make better today?

Chatty-do! Talking about these ideas builds your child’s ability to see things that can be improved and helps them understand the importance of caring for our world. So, encourage environmental awareness and personal responsibility by …

Bloomin’ Carton Gardens

Flower power for fun! Preschool ingenuity and hand-eye coordination grow in this recycled garden. Ages 3 years & up.

Focus Scopes

Zoom in on your child’s world. Recycled-roll telescopes encourage close investigation while sharpening environmental awareness and visual acuity. Ages 3 years & older.

Readymade Styrofoam Sculpture

Beguiling, bendy sculptures await in your polystyrene packing! Constructing wily shapes with everyday bits and bobs gives your child’s divergent thinking and environmental awareness a fresh look. Ages 3 years & up.