Learning Anywhere, Every Day – Math Adventures

Your young one is a natural-born math adventurer, exploring fundamental concepts in playful ways. Here are 5 easy ideas to help sharpen your preschooler’s math skills for a solid foundation in primary school.

Tissue Paper Jewels

Your preschooler can revel in their own finery and maximize their design thinking with straws, yarn and colorful tissue paper. Ages 3 years & up.

Shapely Paper Spirals

Take your party from flat to 3D in seconds! Creating these deliriously easy, bouncy sculptures practices math and small motor skills too. Ages 4 years & up.

Skilly-do Book Review – Inch by Inch

As this classic story for children ages 2 to 6 years old begins, a little inchworm cleverly avoids getting eaten by a hungry robin. He tells the bird he’s very useful …

Popcorn Balls

Shape-shift popcorn into a special treat. It takes just 3 simple ingredients make science learning and creativity into curvy, crunchy concoctions! Ages 2 years & up.

What round things do you see?

Walk a-round to see what’s round! Look up, look down, and talk about all the circle shapes your child can see. Picking out a single shape builds your preschooler’s …

Sponge Painting

Shapes, sponges, color, repeat! Making these geometric prints expresses your growing preschooler’s small motor skills, creativity and hand-eye coordination. Ages 2 years and older.