How can you help someone today?

Chatty-do! Can you help tidy up after lunch? When you spot litter on your walk, how can you help make things look better? If you take time each day to discuss how to improving the lives of the people that surround your child, you will reinforce …

Indoor Adventure

Housebound? Take action with an inside obstacle course! Your preschooler’s creative thinking and large muscles will work together to tackle this challenging fun. Ages 2 years & up.

What took the longest time for you today?

Chatty-do! Talking about short or long periods of time, such as minutes, hours and months are excellent practice for developing your child’s understanding of the passage of time. Encourage your little one’s basic time concepts and change perception by …

Pass the Rhyme Game

How many rhymes can you find? Taking turns with this simple game challenges your preschooler’s language, social and hand-eye coordination skills at the same time! Ages 3 years & up.

Six Ways to Foster Gratitude in Young Children

Just like sharing, experiencing and expressing gratitude often times doesn’t come naturally to young children. Yet, you can encourage your preschooler to practice this key skill in these 6 specific ways …

Two-faced Puppets

Get two for your little one’s imagination! Rescued milk cartons turn into fantastic friends with the power of your preschooler’s divergent thinking. Ages 3 years and up.

Learning Anywhere, Every Day – Self-Control

As a former kindergarten teacher, I can tell you that children who have good self-control are usually most successful. Here are 9 simple and entertaining ways you can help your preschooler grow this essential skill.