5 Reasons Why Preschoolers Have So Much Energy

A recent study reports that toddlers’ constant running equals an entire marathon everyday! Here are 5 reasons why your preschooler is so staggeringly energetic, plus creative ideas to work with all that vitality.

Whacky Tappy Balloon Game

Round up your rowdiest preschoolers and get them hopping. Plus you’ll jumpstart their science learning and hand-eye coordination with this easy, energetic game. Ages 2 years & up.

Line Challenges

Concentrate all of your child’s wacky energy into inventive, linear moves. Let loose with your child’s creative movement and large motor skills. Ages 3 years and older.

Learning Anywhere, Every Day – Fun Fitness

Young children today are at risk of becoming less physically fit than any other time in history. Set an early example– try some of our fun, fitness ideas to keep you and your preschooler moving together.

What bouncy things can you find?

Chatty-do! Challenge your preschooler: Can you bounce up and down? Can you bounce a ball? Now what other bouncy things can you see today? Chatting like this encourages language development …