Mirror Walking

Find new angle then get to stepping! Seeing and moving in fresh ways will open up your preschooler’s hand-eye coordination, balance and creativity. Ages 3 years & up.

Line Challenges

Concentrate all of your child’s wacky energy into inventive, linear moves. Let loose with your child’s creative movement and large motor skills. Ages 3 years and older.

Water Paintings

A brush, water and a warm day is all you need to make the world your child’s canvas. Prepare to have a splashing good time with your preschooler’s science learning and hand eye coordination too. Ages 2 years & older.

Hands and Feet Prints

Catch your kid’s creative movement with fingers and toes. These oversize prints give large motor skills and hand-eye coordination oomph! Ages 2 years & older.

How did the sky look today?

Look up! See what’s happening in the sky and talk with your child about its color, the clouds, and anything else that is passing through it. Observing the wild blue yonder together is also a chance to embrace your preschooler’s …

Ballon Bops

Welcome some funky syncopation on a breezy day. Floating friends help embrace your child’s creative movement and encourage divergent thinking. Ages 3 years & older.

Nature’s Sculptures

Sculpt with the natural world. Stimulate environmental awareness and small motor skills by gathering and building with unique natural objects. Ages 3 years & older