5 Reasons Why Preschoolers Have So Much Energy

A recent study reports that toddlers’ constant running equals an entire marathon everyday! Here are 5 reasons why your preschooler is so staggeringly energetic, plus creative ideas to work with all that vitality.

Splashy Splotch Painting

Spill and thrill with paint– no brushes needed! Experimenting with color and movement will stir up your preschooler’s change perception and small motor skills. Ages 2 years & up.

Sticky String Sculptures

Invent your own shapes with a little string, glue and science. These easy, sensory sculptures mold your preschooler’s creativity and visual acuity too! Ages 3 years & up.

Outside Education – Nature Preschools

A new movement of outdoor preschools is educating kids in the natural world, no matter the weather. Here are 5 easy ideas to empower your own outdoor preschool experiences.

Water Paintings

A brush, water and a warm day is all you need to make the world your child’s canvas. Prepare to have a splashing good time with your preschooler’s science learning and hand eye coordination too. Ages 2 years & older.

Child’s Play Is Major Work

Play is the essential “work” of children. The key thing to remember is that play is the mechanism by which children learn– how they experience their world, practice new skills, and internalize new ideas.