What kind of signs did you see?

Talking about signs as you go about your day is a simple way to support your preschooler’s emergent reading, social and …

Repeat-a-beat Game

Stomp, slap and sing to your own special beat. This easy, musical game grows listening, math and small motor skills with your preschooler’s unique rhythm. Ages 2 years & up.

Pass the Rhyme Game

How many rhymes can you find? Taking turns with this simple game challenges your preschooler’s language, social and hand-eye coordination skills at the same time! Ages 3 years & up.

What round things do you see?

Walk a-round to see what’s round! Look up, look down, and talk about all the circle shapes your child can see. Picking out a single shape builds your preschooler’s …

Where did you see rectangles today?

Help sharpen your preschooler’s visual acuity by searching for all those rectangles today. Don’t forget– talking with your little one encourages their thought development, environmental awareness, receptive and expressive language. Ages 2 years & older.