Mirror Walking

Find new angle then get to stepping! Seeing and moving in fresh ways will open up your preschooler’s hand-eye coordination, balance and creativity. Ages 3 years & up.

Shaving Cream Finger Painting

Swirl, mix and sculpt with all your colors! Your preschooler’s hand-eye coordination and divergent thinking makes these simple finger paintings one-of-kind every time. Ages 2 years & up.

Circling Around

Your child’s perspective can transform simple circles into unlimited possibilities. Designing unique patterns with one shape focuses a preschooler’s hand-eye coordination skills and creativity too. Ages 3 years and older.

Blankety Blanket Good Time

Bring kids of all ages together to invent simple, snuggly games. So grab your coziest blanket– it’s time to make magic with your preschooler’s creative movement and sensory play. Ages 2 years & up.