Super Simple Play Dough

Soft, squishy and ready for play in five minutes or less! Kneading play dough exercises science learning, small and large motor skills with tactile fun. Ages 2 years & up

Sticky String Sculptures

Invent your own shapes with a little string, glue and science. These easy, sensory sculptures mold your preschooler’s creativity and visual acuity too! Ages 3 years & up.

Support Your Child’s Tinkering – It’s Full STEAM Ahead!

Tinkering, messing around with materials and creating things is what engineering looks like in early childhood. Here’s how to strengthen your preschooler’s creative skills that grown-up scientists, engineers, and mathematicians use everyday.

Celery Boats

Sail away with protein and veggies in these easy-to make treats! Your preschooler’s imagination, small motor skills and tummy will benefit from making this healthy snack. Ages 3 years and older.

Rock Critters

This rock hunt leads to your own kooky treasures. Dreaming up pebbly pets with your preschooler reveals their divergent thinking and small motor skills too. Ages 2 years & older.