Paper Cup Puppets

Turn that cup downside up! This puppet brings your child’s hand-eye coordination & originality to life with just 2 materials. Ages 3 years & up.

Salty Paintings

A smidgen of salt plus paint equals magic! Magnify your preschooler’s small motor skills and visual acuity with this creative experiment. Ages 3 years and older.

Super Toys

Toys, toys, toys. U.S. consumers spent over 26 billion dollars in 2016 on toys. Knowing about super toys and how they fit your preschoolers growth is the best way to get the most bang for your buck.

Mad Hatters

Take paper plates through the looking glass to find silly and fantastic hats of all kinds. Your preschooler will discover adventurous uses for everyday items while honing their small motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Ages 3 years and older.

Zip-a-dee Painting

It’s a snap to make instant, engaging– and re-usable!– finger painting toys with your plastic bags. Plus, squishing paint around stirs up your preschooler’s science learning and small motor skills. Ages 2 years and older.